Wow. What a ride.


davidwowI can’t believe what’s happened these past four years. I had been helping with a food pantry garden and they needed sprouting potatoes to plant. I asked a supermarket to donate ones they couldn’t sell, and things, well, just grew from there. Now Helping Feed Atlanta, the nonprofit I started as a result, redirects 30,000 pounds of mostly-gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables every single month from supermarkets  to organizations serving those in need all over metro Atlanta. Wow. Who would have imagined that? And now we have a website! We’ll be posting photos and stories from our travels each week and cross-posting on our existing social media channels as well. Follow along, volunteer, donate, or take what we’re doing and do it where you live, too. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even end hunger in the USA once and for all. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that that’s actually possible.


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