Sharing the bounty

1379208_1673141436288895_4985709935225961881_nWhile Malachi’s Storehouse and Toco Hills Community Alliance, are closed this week, I’ve found other places to deliver produce and believe me, it’s not hard to find a food bank that looks after its community.

Today, Irma, a sweet woman with a big heart and a volunteer at Malachi’s Storehouse, led me to her church, El Calvario, in Doraville. The church got the entire donation from Costco. Thank you, Costco. They will share the bounty with 2 connecting churches, The Korean Mission and First Baptist Church of Doraville.

Pictured from left to right are; Nancy, Sylvia, Soledad, Irma and my friend since Jr. High, Jeff (Uncle Robo) Robbins, up from Florida for a visit. This is Jeff’s 3rd time helping feed Atlanta. Thanks, Robo!


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