I got some ‘splainin to do

12654486_1685869691682736_6323975416894760740_nWhat??? If you haven’t been paying attention, Helping Feed Atlanta has been picking up massive loads of donated produce this week. all from Whole Foods Market’s and Costco.

Lemme ‘splain . . . Monday, Bruce and I collected and distributed over 2000 lbs of produce and dairy. Today, in a downpour, I collected 1254 lbs delivered to Malachi’s Storehouse and as I was leaving, one of our Wednesday Costco volunteer’s, Khris Stevens, pulls up in his pickup, loaded with what looks like another 2000+lbs.
That’s over 5254 lbs in just 2 days!!! Doin’ some good in the neighborhood, oh yeah.
Seems like the funkier the weather, the better the take.


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