First paid employee!

12687899_1686620511607654_8415875269642793388_n.jpgDrum roll please . . .

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Helping Feed Atlanta is proud to announce that we have hired our 1st ever (in almost 4 years of existence) employee!!!

Please meet Todd Besmertnik. Todd will be riding shotgun in “the big van” on Wednesdays, starting next week, helping me pick up from Whole Foods Market Atlanta and delivering to Malachi’s Storehouse.

A few things about Todd: He is a client of Tools for Independence, the organization painting “the big van.” I met Todd as a fellow actor in last year’s production of Aladdin Jr., presented by Jerry’s Habima Theatre, where he played Prince Baba of Ganoush. He will share the stage with a great group of actors in the upcoming production of Shrek the Musical Jr, playing the roll of Peter Pan. If you’ve never seen a production of Jerry’s Habima Theatre and you’re in Atlanta, just go. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

And, listen to this . . . Todd’s sister, Sara, is a friend of my daughter, Sarah. What’s more, Todd is a volunteer at Fur Kids where he met my sister, Nancy Trier Shevitz, who is also a volunteer there. I was completely unaware of both those connections.



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