Who knows what’s next?

potatoesIt was four years ago today that I picked up 40 lbs of donated slightly sprouted potatoes from Whole Foods Market Ponce de Leon to plant in a community garden. Little did I know those potatoes would change my life.

It was not my plan to expand from one Whole Foods Market Atlanta to six. It was not my plan to ask anyone to help me; in fact, I was so protective of what I did that I didn’t want help. Foolish me, I now have over 20 volunteers and many more have sat shotgun in the van giving a helping hand. It was not my plan to start a non profit called, Helping Feed Atlanta.

It was my plan however, to add Costco as a partner. It took three long years and as of 1/21/15, they too were on the team. Since I was stretched pretty thin, a few months later, I enlisted the help of Atlanta Community Food Bank to pick up at Costco – Cumberland Mall when they came along for the ride.

So along we go, from photo 1 to photo 2 to who knows what’s next? Not me.



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