What would have taken two hours

Beautiful! For those of you not in Atlanta, today was/is spectacular, and yesterday I posted a call for help and I got two volunteers this morning. Shawn has volunteered before and will again in the next few weeks but meet Rochelle Burdine. It turns out that we have a few mutual friends one of which is…

One year for Bruce

Today marks the one year anniversary of Helping Feed Atlanta’s ace volunteer Bruce Nelson, aka Our Man of the Northern Arc, aka Tonto. Bruce has weathered the wind, rain and cold helping feed Atlanta. Thank you so much, Bruce.

Oh, man

Oh man, I’ve said it before but this was the biggest, most massive and the motherlode of all donations today. Over one ton, that is, well over 2000 lbs of donated produce for the benefit of hundreds of hungry and homeless fellow Atlantans. Nap time.

Generous offer

My sister Nancy and I loaded 1000+ lbs from Costco this morning and dropped it all off at Toco Hills Community Alliance (THCA). I was not looking forward to the unloading but we met David Morris who was dropping off for Second Helpings Atlanta, Inc. at THCA who offered help and we took him up on…

Selena Gomez and . . . Todd!

It was a big day of gleaning for Todd and me. We collected donated produce from four Whole Foods Markets. If you haven’t seen the video of me presenting Todd with a personalized autographed picture of Selena Gomez, check it out above. After one week, it’s been viewed 9252 times!!! People checked in from Russia, France, Mexico,…