13319701_1734960143440357_4070870163138203644_nIt hasn’t always been easy finding volunteers for Helping Feed Atlanta.
The people of Malachi’s Storehouse and Toco Hills Community Alliance have been and still are great resources for volunteers and now, TFI Works, a part of Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta – JF&CS has become very important to us.

Mark Greenberg, an employee of TFI Works, and a crew of clients took over for David Cohen on Friday’s. I needed to find a Thursday replacement to pick up at Costco and once again TFI Works stepped up to the plate with Mark and a crew of clients.

Some say “God has a way of working things out.” Others say, “Never underestimate the power of faith.” Jewish people say, “It’s beshert (pre ordained).” And me? Personally, born Jewish but a non believer, getting through Hebrew school and my bar mitzvah by the skin of my bris, I have no sayings. However, I do have a mezuzah outside my door because, well… you never know.


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