1800 pounds, and a ton of help

Thank goodness for Dina Pettersen-Riquelme! When I thought I was going solo today, Dina showed up to help me load the van or should I say, I helped her. Mondays at Costco haven’t been up to snuff, as they say but today was huge. I’d say about 1800 lbs and she wouldn’t let me lift…

Thank you, all

I put a call out for help and I got it. Volunteers at Costco; Billy, Dina, Shawn, Nancy Scalera, and Dana Volunteers at Jewish Family Service; Sheri, Jean, Amy, Fran and Karen. Volunteers at Fugees; Sohaib, Zain, Myo Ku and Karim Thank you, all. I literally couldn’t have done it without you.