david10Partner supermarkets create a simple turnkey system to save edible-but-unsellable* fruits and vegetables for regular and dependable pickup from Helping Feed Atlanta volunteers. Current partners include all Whole Foods locations in metro-Atlanta, and one Costco (Brookhaven). We also partner with other places when there is unexpected bounty, such as when R. Thomas Grill experienced a fire, forcing it to close temporarily, and didn’t want its food supply to go to waste.

*Food is “unsellable” because it is at or just past its sell-by date, it is fully ripe (think bananas), a new shipment has arrived, or one or two of the fruits in the pack are bruised. Although protected by the Good Samaritan Act for all food it donates, Helping Feed Atlanta accepts only food in good condition that it would serve its own families. It’s mostly gorgeous stuff, folks. Seriously.