Hall of fame

If interested, here is my speech when I was recently inducted into the Cleveland Heights High School Hall of Fame for my work with Helping Feed Atlanta.

Drumroll . . .

Today was my 4th day rescuing donated produce this week, Helping Feed Atlanta for a weekly total of about 2500 lbs. That along with our 20 or so volunteers for a weekly total of approx. 7000 lbs!!! All from 7 Whole Foods Market‘s and one Costco. FYI,.that’s about 28,000 lbs a month for at least the…

The Bluff

It’s been a while since I was in The Bluff, the English Avenue part of town, a blighted area behind the Mercedes Stadium in Atlanta (as other volunteers do this route now) — and things are finally happening down there. A new addition to the City of Refuge across from the current one, houses being…

This week was a biggie

This week was a biggie. I started Helping Feed Atlanta seven years ago when I received 40 lbs of potatoes, and Todd started helping me three years ago.

I’m back!

Just a quick hello to say I’m back, I’m doing well, and I’m delivering food regularly again. Thank you to everyone who has made sure  Helping Feed Atlanta didn’t miss a beat. I’ll start updating this blog again soon. Stay tuned!

Stepping aside

Hi Everyone, I’ve learned a lot with Helping Feed Atlanta during my down time while dealing with health issues this past year, and the one thing I wanted to write about is how this nonprofit never missed a beat while I was away. With the help of over 20 volunteers, we’ve continued to pick up…

Why I got emotional today

I got a little emotional today — which is not an unusual occurrence these days but lemme splain. Six years ago this coming February I started what would become Helping Feed Atlanta by rescuing a 40 lb box of donated potatoes from a Whole Foods Market. Malachi’s Storehouse was the recipient and it felt good….

Thank You, WSB TV

A big hello to Helping Feed Atlanta’s new followers thanks to WSB TV!

Let’s keep moving forward

My website volunteer has been elsewhere for awhile so we’re a bit behind here, but I hope you’ve been following on Facebook where I post up-to-the-minute breaking news. Now, let’s just jump in again and keep moving forward, starting with Willie in receiving and Shawil in produce from Whole Foods. Two good guys.

1800 pounds, and a ton of help

Thank goodness for Dina Pettersen-Riquelme! When I thought I was going solo today, Dina showed up to help me load the van or should I say, I helped her. Mondays at Costco haven’t been up to snuff, as they say but today was huge. I’d say about 1800 lbs and she wouldn’t let me lift…

Thank you, all

I put a call out for help and I got it. Volunteers at Costco; Billy, Dina, Shawn, Nancy Scalera, and Dana Volunteers at Jewish Family Service; Sheri, Jean, Amy, Fran and Karen. Volunteers at Fugees; Sohaib, Zain, Myo Ku and Karim Thank you, all. I literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Big news

BIG NEWS 1. Todd Besmertnik has been with HFA about one year!!! 2. Helping Feed Atlanta has been helping feed Atlantans for 5 years this week!!! 3. January 21st marked year two picking up produce from Costco Brookhaven. and then, there’s this… 4. Costco is in the process of expanding its food donation program which,…