True colors

A BRAND NEW DAY(I hope someday soon). Today I attended the annual holiday show at Fugees Family, one of the non profits to which Helping Feed Atlanta delivers, a school in Clarkston, Ga. whose students are all refugees from wartorn countries all over the world. I have been to their show before but today was more meaningful than ever. Over 50 7th and 8th graders were the performers. The students started by singing the National Anthem, then Cyndi Laupers’s True Colors, and then A Brand New Day from The Wiz. The songs, which I’ve heard countless times, took on a whole new meaning for me when sung my those children, mostly Muslim, in the context of our world today. Luma Mufleh, the Fugees founder,  put it well when she said, “the only thing threatening about these students is their dance moves.”


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